What if every building had a limited amount of fuel to expend each day, instead of design centered around unlimited supply?

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the development of intelligent and more profitable buildings.

Fuel for thought

In aerospace, they deal with this challenge every day. Planes, jets, rockets must perform at peak levels with an extremely limited amount of fuel. And they do, by utilizing the aerospace industry’s integrated lifecycle principles.

Intelligent design

At wemarathon, we are applying similar concepts from the aerospace industry’s integrated lifecycle principles to the development of commercial buildings. Our goal is to create truly resource efficient buildings.


Because we can
do better.

Because we need
to do better.

Commercial and residential buildings account for 39% of the total consumed energy in the United States; this is 10% more than the entire transportation sector.

Source: EIA

wemarathon has been leveraging its real estate development and aerospace industry background to push the innovation of cost effective, energy efficient products and services to assist owners with the development of commercial buildings.

The future demands this type of critical and highly sustainable thinking. And we’re here for the long run.

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